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Nashville Real Estate Photography & Videography Pricing

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Small Home

0-999 Sq/ft – Small home – 30 Minutes – $100

Average Home

1,000 – 2,000 Sq/ft – Medium – 1 hour – $150

Large Home

2001+ Sq/ft – 2 Hours – $200

Luxury Home

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$100 Twilight – Adding a twilight image is a GREAT way to bring attention to your listing! It is shot right after the sun sets with all the lights of the house on and captures a beautiful image..


$140 AirBnb – My Airbnb package delivers wide angle shoots of your space, similar to what I provide for real estate. The difference is I provide more photos, and include detail shots of amenities that you provide for your guests that make you stand apart from your competition..

Video Walk Through

Walk through video takes your listing to the next level! It gives potential buyers the feeling of virtually being at your listing. This is especially helpful if they can’t visit in person. Each video is set to modern music, not that cookie cuter elevator stuff. And every video is cinematic, meaning nice buttery smooth movements and transitions to each room to really showcase your listing!

Another reason to add video to your listing is Zillow, one of the premiere home search websites, boosts your listing on their website!

Video Only

$150 Video Walkthrough – Brief (1-4 minute) HD 1080p video walkthrough of your listing. Take advantage of my Zillow certification and add video to your listing for higher rank in the Zilliow website! 48 hour turnaround.

Video & Photo Combo

$250 Video + Photo Package – Photos and a true video walk through that brings a virtual sense of being there. The video navigates from room to room and shows the flow of the house. Video walk-through also gets listings placed higher on Zillow searches!.

“Listings with video walkthroughs are given a boost in Zillow’s search algorithm, resulting in more views and saves on average. Search order is largely based on user personalization and user behavior, but the only way to influence your listing’s ranking as an agent is by adding a video. In addition, each time a video is uploaded to Zillow to a listing an email notification is sent to potentially hundreds of buyers – any Zillow user who has saved search in the area of the home. This email lets them know that a video has been uploaded to a home in their area and invites them to take a look. These benefits from Zillow add greater visibility to your listing and help you find more qualified buyers, as you’ll be talking with buyers who can watch a video of the home before contacting you and using your time.

Also, Millennial home buyers are coming to expect media options beyond just photos when they search for a home. In this year’s trends report, Zillow found that “Tech-savvy Millennial and Gen Z buyers may find greater value than older generations in using video/live virtual or 3D tours to help them make decisions. 45 percent of Gen Z and 41 percent of Millennial buyers find watching a recorded video of a home very or extremely important in helping them decide on their home” ( –2018 Zillow Trends Report)

zillow certified photographer

What is a Zillow Certified Photographer? Visit our Zillow Certified Photographer Guidelines for details.

Real Estate Pricing